BLÅ – dried Winged Kelp – butare

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Dried Winged Kelp - butare

20 g dried winged kelp – butare.

It can be used fresh (frozen) or dried. Dried is the easiest because you can simply add it directly to food or a dish, while fresh seaweed requires some work. Dried and milled seaweed can easily be added to foodstuffs, wether you choose an advanced method or a simple one is up to you. Seaweed is definitely not limited to use with just seafood, umami can and should be used to balance flavor in everything from soup to sufflet. Umami adds to the richness of all food.

Suggestion of recipe:

BLÅ Salt Caramels Recipe

• Nonstick spray with vegetable oil
• 2 cups of sugar
• ½ cup of corn syrup (light)
• 1 14-oz of unsweetened condensed milk
• ½ cup of 1 stick of unsalted butter, sliced into small pieces
• 2 tabs of bourbon
• ½ tsp of BLÅ salt
• and a small bit of BLÅ butare


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